Billybob 26 Dec : 13:11

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Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
Didnt like the ending much , not sure if i made it to the end couldnt translate the dialog thats what i get for only knowing one language but i did enjoy it good job Schurke

Purifier 22 Sep : 03:05

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Registered: 24 Nov : 00:49
When you get to the bunker entrance that's the end of it and the "Main Objective", then it says: "Level succesfully completed" in German. It wasn't half bad, just wish the author added a little more to it.

lionel_101 22 Sep : 09:12

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Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
I translated the german stuff in the bridge LUA file to english and saved te file. In the game English came up instead of German.

I liked the terrain and the basic shoot the bad guys theme.

greentechb 12 Dec : 15:05

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Registered: 03 Dec : 07:50
a quite small but very nice map. i usually prefer levels with mutants, that's more fun, it's almost the first map that i like with only soldiers. lovely atmosphere and much vegetation. thank you

Vikom 12 Dec : 15:10

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Registered: 22 Jan : 05:49
You are the first one who likes mutants that I know.
Anyway I wish to find some time to play this map. The preview image looks very well.

Past was supposed to Attack

...on 31st May 2015

Feldheld 07 May : 22:44

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Registered: 03 Feb : 04:46
Nice design, lots of thick vegetation, short map. The AI is very weak, they hardly shoot at you, its more like they want to play hide and seek with you.

9Dan28 05 Apr : 11:19

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Registered: 28 Feb : 07:31
short map


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