FC 2010 Chapter 1 Public Release!

We are pleased to announce the online availability of FarCry 2010 mod Chapter 1! Before launching the mod, be sure to check the file "Read Me" included in the archive to find out the details and instructions.


Several models of vegetation have been redesigned since the demo version.
These are more detailed and even closer models of Crysis.
But other elements of FarCry were also redesigned, for example the river at the first level Training has been designed for the current to follow the direction taken by the River.
This makes it more realistic, especially when a mercenary dies and falls into it, his body will be taken away and will follow the current.
The roofs of huts were redone to give more volume to them, if you see the feet of the docks, you will see foam at the water, textures bumpmap effects were applied to several objects, wall, aircraft wrecks, rocks, aircraft carrier, etc. ....
Things not originally intended for Far Cry 2010 have been updated as well as the remastering of the textures of vehicles, weapons and various objects in the resolution doubled and even quadrupled in some of them!
Tree leaves also have more realistic movements, plants receive shadows.

The mouth of the river in Training has been completely redone, you will notice the effects of water flow on the rocks. The interior areas have a greater effect of shadows dynamic, animated sequences in the (Carrier Level) of the press conference conducted by the Dr.Krieger has been modified and added another in Training (Sequence of the Medusa).

Have lots of fun!


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I've played. Nice looking, very nice.Beautiful. But only 3 level


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