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Author ToeTag
Description A great singleplayer mod for Far Cry with 4 levels & lots of action.
Filesize 149.51 MB
Date Monday 01 June 2009 - 04:30:50
Downloads 797
 7.7 - 14 votes 
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VET 16 Jun : 05:56
Comments: 260

------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SHADPWMAN VSP<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<---------------------------------------
Author TOE_TAG

Relatively recent map...Date 21 Mar 08
Very large and open with lots of space for exploration.
Excellent atmosphere and sound.

Shadowman VSP
...."an enzyme exists within the chemical breakdown of a rare seedling of the Egyptian Acascia reed. This particular reed was found tucked in the wrappings of mummies unearthed in the Giza region. It is known as enzyme#84. The properties of this enzyme are legendary. Among it's reported attributes are increasing strength, accelerated healing, and adding longevity to the human life span.

Enzyme#84 is also a chief source of fuel to a machine long under development by a secret group of investors. After decades of trial and error, "The operation" was successful in building the worlds first fully functioning time travel vehicle. The scale and magnitude of this operation requires massive amounts of cash and political muscle. Because of the small amount of enzyme#84 available in our time, it is believed that the plan of "The operation" may be to return to 2300BC Egypt to attempt cultivation of the Acascia reed, thus creating a virtually inexhaustible fuel supply for their time travel vehicle and to further what ever plans they may have.

It is the concern of this office that "The operation" not be allowed to travel back in time to cultivate the Acascia reed. You will have limited intel accept for your HUD and a few clues to guide you.

Your code name for this operation is "SHADOWMAN"......

-to call up the levels of "shadowman" individually:

episode I:
\map shadow

episode II:
\map shadow_man

episode III:
\map fusion

episode IV:
\map endgame

\map tombstone

Level 2, the entrance to the complex is through a drain 50m to the right of the main entrance. It would not open for me, I had to use noclip to get through.

FarCryFanski 30 Aug : 02:41
Comments: 1

Registered: 30 Aug : 02:12
Fusion is one of the best. Some have complained about the rocket launcher down your throat so you have to keep moving in the jeep with the machine gun. It's one that allows you to enter a back way over the huge dunes so you can play many combination routes.

eviltimes 30 Aug : 21:04
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
Toe Tag was a very skillful MP mapper, one of the best. This was his swansong, and he did make a few rookie SP mapper mistakes, but his skill at imbedding sounds, music, pictures and new creations is spread all thru these levels. Just experiencing them all is like a giant easter egg hunt, and a great reminder of all Toe Tags great MP maps. I could never get the Tombstone level to display the pictures, it is full of red spaces where the pix go.

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Billybob 07 Feb : 15:04
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
WOW this was great. Toe Tag has to be one of the top map creators.
For me this was one of those that i just did not want to stop playing.
I found the game play to be flawless and exciting.
The best level, level 4 sent me to TOMBSTONE for an old fashion gun fight at the OK Coral.
I guess i could have used the buggy to wipe um out but sneaking around all the old building,s was with just my pistol was fun.

doom generation 08 Feb : 05:49
Comments: 13

Registered: 04 Jun : 07:11
Flawless ? And what's that red texture on your picture ?

Lone Wolf 08 Feb : 06:30
Comments: 24

Registered: 06 Jun : 13:22
Billybob Wrote:
I found the game play to be flawless and exciting.

This place is reminding me of that Hunting site.

doom generation 08 Feb : 07:06
Comments: 13

Registered: 04 Jun : 07:11
How can the gameplay be flawless if the game has flaws ?

Billybob 08 Feb : 07:21
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
Just a red building, whats the big deal?

doom generation 08 Feb : 08:20
Comments: 13

Registered: 04 Jun : 07:11
In this last map I had a lot of red textures ("replace me").

Tnlgg 08 Feb : 08:45
Comments: 154

This happens if the material wasnt saved after changing.

Billybob 08 Feb : 10:10
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
Mabey i should have said other than a few red textures ("replace me")
i thought it to be a pretty good game. Just couldnt thrash it for that.

doom generation 08 Feb : 12:24
Comments: 13

Registered: 04 Jun : 07:11
Indeed it's a cool mod.

redninja 04 Jan : 16:00
Comments: 46

Registered: 08 Dec : 15:34
Its totally un'playable,so many bugs,even when you get to way point,still says your not there,the bugs are endless,i got totally fed up trying it.

Farcryfanski22 27 Apr : 23:20
Comments: 2

Registered: 03 Apr : 23:12
Episode iii is one of the best tricky maps ever. Keep moving in Jeeps to avoid the rocket launcher mania. learn the back door preliminary attack

This website is the greatest!

Feldheld 27 Feb : 19:43
Comments: 74

Registered: 03 Feb : 04:46
WOW what an experience!

It's certainly far from perfect mod design, but .... what an experience! Really didnt expect that. Started out unimpressive but then every episode got more jaw drapping. Great music.


Kiper 01 Jun : 19:27
Comments: 79

Registered: 06 Jun : 17:10
Had to redownload this mod since I forgot to put it on my thumbdrive
I could usually on episode 2 just jump into the teleporter on me old computer and everything would be fine video would play level would load but one this computer the video keep playing and in order for me to get to episode 3 I have to hit Ctrl Atl Delete then close the task manager and click back on Far Cry and it will play.... Still a very good mod though

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