Singleplayer levels [ Custom singleplayer levels for Far Cry. ]
Author Sniper
Author email Sniper©
Description A custom singleplayer level for Far Cry.
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Date Monday 01 June 2009 - 05:01:57
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Billybob 13 Jan : 12:01
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
Great little mission just wish it wasn,t so dark all the time,

VET 15 Apr : 18:41
Comments: 260

More comments on Nightfall here .

Feldheld 02 May : 16:44
Comments: 74

Registered: 03 Feb : 04:46
This map causes a big fps drop on my computer. Makes it hardly playable for me. Grunts keep respawning in quick succession, some even with a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher. Also it is dark, so you cant see some of them unless you use cryvision but cryvision doesnt recharge. Of course they see you despite the darkness, even through foilage.

eviltimes 02 May : 18:26
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
That battle at the beginning is something you should just go around. Let the enemies (red) and the Friendlies (purple) fight it out, you'll just get killed in the crossfire.
Later it gets more interesting. Turn up your gamma/brightness to see if it's too dark for your videocard.
But overall, I never thought it was a good map.

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lionel_101 07 Dec : 16:58
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
I do remember playing this map a long time ago and just played it again. I was lucky and it came with a .cry file.

As mentioned above, it was just to dark, lagged in certain spots with to many mercs on screen. The good mercs fighting the bad mercs action in the beginning, did not add anything to the map.

I turned it into a daylight environment map, got rid of all the dark vegetation and got rid of all the good guy mercs and took on all the bad mercs single handed.

To me, it played a lot better and was a lot more fun.

I know it is not good to edit someone's map, but what fun is it getting killed instantly by mercs that can shoot you in complete darkness.


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