Singleplayer levels [ Custom singleplayer levels for Far Cry. ]
Rll Code A
Author RLL
Description Intell has recieved a regent report from the AWLC regarding stagering decline of marine life near camber island.

Close inspection revieled a large heavily guarded chemical plant under merc control, the direct cause of the decling marine life in that sector.

THEY MUST BE STOPPED. Itell sent in a opertive disguised as a merc to undermind operations code name -- Snitchy, lost contact shortly after the drop.

Intell sent in there top man -- Jack Carver, last report was from the pilot --- We've been hit --- going down!!! Itell sent a boat to retrieve the oppertives, lost contact 0900hrs.

Hopfully Jack survived. Can not risk any more involvment, Itell reports suggest the mercs may dump the chemicals if pressed.
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Date Wednesday 31 December 1969 - 19:00:01
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VET 05 Jul : 05:19
Comments: 260

Far Cry is basically a FPS, and there's definitely plenty of shooting in Code A.
There's a crowd of mercs with snipers and rocket launchers in every look out tower to keep you pinned down and busy. They are 100% accurate at long distance, and you don't get the binoculars until the main mission is actually completed.
Combat is well balanced with puzzles and situations where a fair bit of thought is required .

At one point there is a mass attack of trigens. There are probably several different ways to finish them off, but I ended this battle with almost no ammo left at all. I can't recall that happening in a Far Cry map before!

All the objectives do work, but one of them is very cleverly hidden.

There is an interesting twist at the end of the game: there is more combat after the main mission is complete. And it's not until then that you finally get the binoculars!
Code A took quite a few hours to play, considering it all takes place on a fairly compact island.

*possible spoilers*

Wooden panels and barricades must be shot to gain access to various points.
In a couple of places, blocks need to be shot away or they will fall on Jack's head.
The freighter (with a crowd of RL mercs) can be easily dealt with if you look around.

villagecryer 06 Jul : 15:22
Comments: 78

Registered: 12 Jun : 15:39
Good FC_SP map. Really challenging. Made it to savepoint #2, up there..................................
RLL is a very productive FC mapper, and that's great!

rll 09 Aug : 23:15
Comments: 10

Registered: 18 Jun : 10:45
In the original story Jack Carver manages to toss out four RLs before the chopper crash, find them and the odds will be even. Code a was never meant to be difficult. I hope this helps.

HawaiianNut 06 Nov : 15:01
Comments: 21

Registered: 28 Oct : 18:33
Having recently discovered how to use God Mode (Farcry DEVMODE), I found a great use for it on this map.

I just stood in the air and sniped all the towers. And this still was a hard map! Now that's a testament, either to the designer's skill or lunacy.

Maybe someday I'll be good enough to just play the map as-is.

Billybob 17 Jan : 18:57
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
This is a good map, small but hard, each objective is clearly marked but getting there can be extreamly dangerous, when you make it to the boat and you have won you have an option of quiting or going back, for more punishment, your choice.

Apanvlad 22 Oct : 07:51
Comments: 24

Registered: 16 Jun : 01:45
Для своих "копеечных" метров карта прекрасна по сюжету и азарту. Среди всего, что можно найти к FC-1в Инете - она в числе лучших. Мною сыграны почти все одиночные дополнения к FC-1. Играю без чит-кодов. Если нужны подсказки, помощь, сейвы - пишите по русски на сайте. Отвечу при первой-же возможности.

VET 22 Oct : 17:08
Comments: 260

Yahoo translation:

"For their "Penny" meters map is beautiful story and excitement. Among the total, that can be found to the FC-1B Inete-she is among the best. I have played almost all single-supplement to the FC-1. Play without cheat-codes. If you need tips, help, saves-write in English on the website. I will answer as soon as possible."

Это сайта на английском языке, пожалуйста, напишите на английском языке.

FC_Pro 20 Apr : 11:32
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Registered: 21 Apr : 12:22
здарова русский


FC_Pro 20 Apr : 11:34
Comments: 18

Registered: 21 Apr : 12:22
Админы пидарасы


FC_Pro 20 Apr : 11:34
Comments: 18

Registered: 21 Apr : 12:22


VET 21 Apr : 05:38
Comments: 260

Be good if posts were made in both languages, English and Russian.

Быть хорошо, если должности были сделаны в обоих языках, английском и русском языках.


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