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Author MaVmAn
Author website
Description Different style mod for Far Cry.
Filesize 27.98 MB
Date Monday 25 May 2009 - 06:48:56
Downloads 311
 6.5 - 2 votes 
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HawaiianNut 05 Nov : 14:24
Comments: 21

Registered: 28 Oct : 18:33
Trapped in the monochrome world of Pong, only death offers sweet release.

I couldn't "Quittier" this one fast enough. Zut alors!

Basss 06 Sep : 07:05
Comments: 88

Registered: 16 May : 08:54
I disagree with the HawaiianNut. It's another French mod, French people love making FarCry mods apparently. Everything in this mod is blocky and grey. There are no textures at all. No circles at all. Apparently this is made as a school project for art, which explains the dark grey contrast in the mod. Think of the mod as a walk in the park, or actualy a walk in a grey magic factory with flying blocks. There's a very amazing elevator ride which reminded me of the ride in Half Life 2 in the Citadel. There are some jumping puzzles and just other puzzles, but most time it's just look at the scenery time. Although I couldn't find out what to do after the blocky tornado thing, it seems the mod is bugged there. Really worth a try!

modsuki 14 Feb : 11:54
Comments: 130

Registered: 14 Feb : 03:36
I checked this map in editor. Very short after tornado. But I can't find a way out at the place, too. In the first place, I can't go down from big elevator. Where is footing? :/

vlad908 25 Jul : 06:49
Comments: 3

Registered: 08 May : 09:55



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