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Far Cry Sports
Author Cryforce Inventions
Description FarCry-Sports is a racing mod which was developed over 2 years.

The modification is more than racing. You will find everything you know from commercial Games. You have to go to petrol stations, repair your car. It is possible to drive with manuel and automatic gear. A Car-Radio is included. You are able to use a GPS-Navigation system. And many many more things full of fun.
Filesize 164.74 MB
Date Wednesday 31 December 1969 - 19:00:01
Downloads 137
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garbitos 17 Jun : 10:41

This is buggy for me. Main menu has the FarCry Loadcreen and mouse cursor is laggy, no menus work...somehow got in game and player won't move.

Anyone been able yo play this?

garbitos 17 Jun : 11:05

Ok you have to rename the Mod's folder to "FarCry_Sports" not "FarCry_Sports_beta". Then it will work but this is a beta...and what a shame it isnt finished. Some real potential here.

Tnlgg 18 Jun : 07:00
Comments: 154

I uploaded fixed version fo the mod so no need to rename it after extracting it to mod folder.


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