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Dirty Racer
Author Dirty Racers Mod Team
Description For all those Racing fans out there, the Dirty Racers Mod Team, has been released the mod as a Beta.

Everything is allowed to reduce your opponents visibility and keep your own, using “grimes” and interactive elements of the track as a pilot or other means as active spectator. In fact, if you do not survive the race as pilot, you will have the possibility to avenge yourself as an Active Spectator! Grab your water / mud cannon and from the edge of the track punish or help the remaining pilots!

Dirty Racer also features 3 different and original game modes, such as “The Dirtiest” in which the purpose is to arrive as dirty as possible. Hopefully a patch for any bugs will be released further in the summer.
Filesize 438.8 MB
Date Monday 08 June 2009 - 02:58:41
Downloads 115
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