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Author Supinfogame
Description A Team from Supinfogame who call themselves The Alice Crew has recently posted some images of a new mod they are working on. Alice en Pièces looks to be yet another unique and inspiring project to mod teams, present and future. The website has a whole host of information around the game, concept, design, artwork, animations etc and its a pleasure to navigate.

Some Intentions are:
Proposing a world the player can explore and where he can experiment doll crafting through sewing.
Designing an original, warm-toned universe entirely composed of fabric. A universe whose main inhabitants are dolls crafted by Alice, the player’s avatar.
Offering the player several ways of interpreting and apprehending the game, so everyone, hardcore and casual gamers, younger and older players, men and women can live Alice and her dolls’ adventures, and understand her problems, fantasies, and desires
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Date Monday 08 June 2009 - 05:07:33
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Basss 19 Jul : 05:02
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Registered: 16 May : 08:54
Alice is a weird but quite funny mod. This French mod puts you in a peaceful childlies world. The controls are a bit awkward (the camera turns really slow) and since everything is in French, I had no idea where to go. Even after looking into the *.cry file I couldn't find out what to do. After replaying the mod I got it a bit, at the broken bridge nearby is a guy, you can talk to him by pressing 'U'. (While 'A' is mentioned? Probably Azerty keyboard?) Then, you can interact with the bridge, by also using 'U'. A nice little mini-game will start where you repair the bridge, which is actually a bit buggy. There are some other things you can interact with, but I didn't understand much of them.

This mod is also quite heavy to download, took me half an hour. There are a lot of new models featured in the mods, but no weapons at all. (Since it looks like a child game) There are some small present boxes scattered around which you can pick up, but they don't seem to do anything. The whole time your camera is in third person view, which can get a bit annoying after some time. The music instead is very happy and peaceful. The mod looks like it's made for the Wii (because of the control descriptions) or another Nintendo console.

modsuki 05 Jan : 05:47
Comments: 130

Registered: 14 Feb : 03:36
Someone can translate this mod? Most people can't read French lol


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