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Author Sniper
Author email Sniper©
Description The Area 13 mod features many custom vehicles, animated models, weapons and mounted weapons. There will be 2 indoor and 2 outdoor maps.

The main storyline is Venizualian insurgents have captured a B-2 bomber along with its nuclear payload. The U.S. government has ordered a 3 man delta team to infiltrate and destroy the B-2 and its payload. Upon insertion you are shot down on your way to the LZ. Only you survive. With the importance of this mission you have to go on alone. Jack takes refuge in underground tunnels and quickly discovers that the Venizualian regular army along with the government is also involved. Finding a way to the underground secret weapons test facility will be difficult. As the armys top commando's are guarding the facility.

New Vehicles:

APC with twin cannons
Russian UAZ jeep
Mi-24 Hind
Mi-28 Havoc

New Mounted weapons:

Twin 50 cal
Auto defense cannon (AI only)

New weapons:

Combat knife
Mac 10 Silenced
Dual MP5K'S
HK USP pistol
Removable minigun (takero)
M3 pumpgun (matto)
Filesize 147.22 MB
Date Monday 08 June 2009 - 05:12:56
Downloads 1780
 7.3 - 11 votes 
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sniper_m4 08 Jun : 10:51
Comments: 40

Registered: 24 May : 05:44
This was never finished. Anyone is more than welcome to try.

doom generation 04 Sep : 18:08
Comments: 13

Registered: 04 Jun : 07:11
Funny to see that this unfinished (but very promising) mod is the most downloaded.

radikel 23 Sep : 07:36
Comments: 9

Registered: 23 Aug : 14:31
sniper,thanks my friend,good job..yes so hard but i will finish me


HawaiianNut 30 Oct : 20:28
Comments: 21

Registered: 28 Oct : 18:33
As someone who has played through the Farcry campaign more times beyond reason, this mod is a special treat. I don't mind that it's unfinished, there are a lot of neat things to see.

I laughed as I saw the "unfinished" binoculars, a giant sphere of weirdness on tables. Great fun! Also, I like the new M16 and the APCs replacing the Humvees.

HawaiianNut 01 Nov : 00:47
Comments: 21

Registered: 28 Oct : 18:33
I liked the new title sequences, especially the Stealth Bomber swooping in. Very cool!

I got as far as the helicopter battle with Crow. The new AI keeps him from turning in your direction, you'll expend all your ammo without having hurt him. That's where the campaign ends for me.

Neat to try, though.

HawaiianNut 02 Nov : 12:03
Comments: 21

Registered: 28 Oct : 18:33
Ah, I did manage to beat Crow, and finish the campaign. A number of levels (such as the Islands) would crash if you went back to a save point, but that is common with mods. That made it a challenge to complete certain levels without resorting to save points!

Not having the rockets and grenade launchers defined increased the challenge. If you can hit a mercenary point blank with 4 grenade rounds from your M4, and he's still standing, then it calls for some adjusted weapon rosters. Which ones to pick? So that was interesting.

Thanks for making the campaign interesting again!

Jack Carver 27 Nov : 05:20
Comments: 42

Registered: 24 Oct : 03:51
Played with patch 1.4 under Win7 - loading a saved games results in a "FC not responding" error dropping to desktop. Other than that all works fine.

Nice vehicle and amory mods but it does not really make a new game map.

therefore no rating from me

Billybob 04 Feb : 07:52
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
Area 13 is basically FarCry with some new weapons and vehicles.
Some of the mercs would actually lay down to shoot at you which i thought was cool.
This was a lot of fun at the first few levels with a few bugs.
The guns on the new bright orange Humvee wont work. I was so looking forward to this when Val jumps in to drive and you get to blast everything in site. With the guns not working i just lost interest right here and quite.
You cant reload a save point, you have to start at the beginning of a level.
Other than that was fun . Loved the new scoped M16.

Lone Wolf 19 May : 16:43
Comments: 24

Registered: 06 Jun : 13:22
This is something I learned while playing around with the TDS mod. There should be a file in the scripts folder called 'defiant.lua'. Provided there aren't any quirks with the mod, and -DEVMODE is in the shortcut command line, it will show the available levels when you go to Champaign at the main menu. It will permit savegames to be accessed from the menu as well. No need for the console or a game launcher. I don't have this mod, so I don't know what the levels are called, or what the main menu looks like. This is the format for defiant.lua.



Most multi level mods have a defiant file. Hope this helps.

Tnlgg 19 May : 17:30
Comments: 154

Yes Defiant.lua holds all the levels in a mod.

VET 20 May : 20:00
Comments: 260

Just to draw together a couple of the comments about this mod:
From the mod's main menu screen, clicking on Campaign will initiate the original game's Campaign, with modded objects, HUD, weapons and vehicles. The mod causes some functionality issues, eg with save games.

To get to the two Area 13 levels, enter the console from the main menu screen and type:
\map insertion
\map surface ... for the two levels available.

Typing \map demo takes you to the original demo level, which has been heavily modded. eg The pig has been reskinned as a rat, and all the new weapons are available. You can see where sniper was experimenting with the ceiling mounted turret gun.

Feldheld 21 Feb : 06:37
Comments: 74

Registered: 03 Feb : 04:46
Quicksave wont work. Just when you need it the most. No thanks.

sniper_m4 22 Feb : 10:41
Comments: 40

Registered: 24 May : 05:44
Thanks for downloading!

VET 22 Feb : 19:10
Comments: 260

To quote Sheldon, "Was that sarcasm?"

Feldheld 26 Feb : 04:16
Comments: 74

Registered: 03 Feb : 04:46
Ok, I managed to enable quicksave. Played through "insertion", now Im at the surface. I really like the design and the overall effort, but the game play is hardly fun. The weapons suck compared to the original farcry loadout, all enemy types tend to one-shot you unless you manage to surprise them. It's all about "die and error". You got no binocs so the only way to find out where the bad guys are is by getting shot dead by them. The dusky lighting on the surface doesnt exactly help either.

Skidmark134 02 Apr : 17:57
Comments: 63

Registered: 09 Feb : 13:52
I noticed the M2/M203 fires two rounds on single shot mode and assault mode the clip is emptied quick! So far I haven't found grenades for it.
I'm still wandering around "surface" looking for something to do, the pier waypoint doesn't update when I get the night vision goggles which I found to produce fuzzy lighting and rather useless for finding enemies. It's easier to spot them in the dark!
How did you enable quicksave in "surface", Feldheld?
Overall great stuff!
Hope my criticism isn't misunderstood, I'll play anything from SNIPER's work!

Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD FX(tm)-4350, (4 CPUs), ~4.2GHz
8GB ram, DX 12, 2GB AMD Radeon R7 200 Series.

eviltimes 02 Apr : 19:09
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
He seems to get bored easily sometimes. Always wonder what he could achieve if he put his mind to it. *sigh*

"I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." - Ripley in ALIENS

pvcf 23 Nov : 13:12
Comments: 144

Registered: 01 Oct : 18:56
downloading, me ---> 1600

lionel_101 16 May : 10:00
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
I tried this mod again, since I forgot what it was about.

The new weapons were great, but for some strange reason all the mercs and I were moving around a lot faster then normal.

I know it is an incomplete mod, but the 2 include levels / maps were not fun for me to play as compared to Sniper's other great maps.


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