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Son of the crusades
Author Deltahak Development Team
Description Set in the medieval age somewhere in Arabia the singleplayer story will begin in 1181. You are playing Kaseem, a boy left alone who learned the arabian school of fighting from a stranger who picked him up. Once being an expert in martial arts Kaseem turns into a thief that executes several orders. In the demo level you get an assignment where you have to steal an objective in a cave. In the level you will stand face to face with bandits armed with swords and crossbows which are your weapons as well.
Filesize 110.25 MB
Date Monday 08 June 2009 - 05:27:26
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Basss 01 Jul : 18:25
Comments: 88

Registered: 16 May : 08:54
If there's one unfinished, it's definitely this one. When you install the mod, you'll get a shortcut of the mod on your desktop. But when you launch that shortcut, it doesn't start the game. It loads some html files that allow you create a new profile. Which actually doesn't even work.

When you want to start it through the mod menu, it's just called "testmod". I also found out, if you play it through the normal game, the mercs are just unarmed and there are no weapons available except a map that blocks your view all the time. (You can move the map away for some seconds by pressing the fire button) But in the Sandbox editor, all the weapons show up. Which are actually quite nice. There is a sword, a crossbow and the map I mentioned earlier. The sword seems to use bullets? But the crossbow is very nice. It is fully functional with animations. Besides that, there's some unique arabic music which is quite nice and fits well in the map.

In the Sandbox Editor the mod is much nicer, since everything there worked at least. (For me) In the editor you find also some more swords and a small and a large trebuchet (large catapult), also with animation. There's also a nice old-looking binoculars model. After all it was supposed to be quite nice, but it's just not completed, which ruins the whole experience.

Basss 01 Jul : 18:27
Comments: 88

Registered: 16 May : 08:54
Plus, there's only one level, which you have to start through the console.

VET 17 Feb : 17:56
Comments: 260

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