Multiplayer maps [ Custom multiplayer maps for Far Cry. ]
Author TAWMegaDeath
Author email megadeath187©
Description Here's a new version of an old FFA multiplayer map "mp_surf".
Filesize 6.58 MB
Date Tuesday 09 June 2009 - 03:19:32
Downloads 549
 9.2 - 4 votes 
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Smack Down 20 Aug : 18:22
Comments: 1

Registered: 05 Aug : 10:53
I found this map fun to play and had lots of good ideas that I have not seen in the past. The map installed without any problems and I found no bugs in the map.

My only complaint about this map is that it is just a tad too large unless you have at least six or more players. If the map was a little bit smaller, I bellieve that the map would be lot more fun to play.

It is nice to see map makers continue to make maps for this grand old game.

Job well done MegaDeath!

Smack Down
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TRELOXELO 11 Sep : 03:42
Comments: 7

Registered: 10 Sep : 03:20


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