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Project Far Cry
Author VladTek
Description New mod about adventures of Jack Carver,main character of original Far Cry,which is one of the best FPS on PC. Now he is a mutant (like in Far Cry Instincts),so you can throw enemies,destroying objects and lots more.It has 7 new singleplayer missions,new weapons and storyline,but unforgetable Far Cry gameplay was saved. It is my first,but not last mod,so I hope you will like it.So you should wait only one-two weeks until this mod will be released (for Free) and you can play your favourite Far Cry again. Main features are: -7 new different levels(2 remade levels and 5 new) -new weapons -more health -adrenaline gameplay -adrenaline vision -some new textures -new vehicles.
Filesize 237.06 MB
Date Wednesday 10 June 2009 - 03:40:32
Downloads 600
 5.5 - 12 votes 
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radikel 04 Sep : 16:20
Comments: 9

Registered: 23 Aug : 14:31
cant go to next level..its problem


doom generation 04 Sep : 18:02
Comments: 13

Registered: 04 Jun : 07:11
Go towards the boat at the end of level 1.

RhysAZ 04 Sep : 20:12
Comments: 30

Registered: 05 Aug : 19:48
After you download the installer, STOP!! Make a new folder in your Far Cry Mods folder called "ProjectFarCry" (no quotes). Then start the installer. Point the file installation to the \Mods\ProjectFarCry folder you just made, then continue. The mod will install correctly. Run it from within Mods in the game.

RhysAZ 06 Sep : 13:22
Comments: 30

Registered: 05 Aug : 19:48
I wrote the above comment because other people have had problems loading the mod

villagecryer 06 Sep : 17:02
Comments: 78

Registered: 12 Jun : 15:39
Use Speed to get to the boat. Don't border to fight your way!

Jack Carver 24 Oct : 04:00
Comments: 42

Registered: 24 Oct : 03:51
Played this mod to LevelShip (on the carrier) but entering the helicopter the level drops out to the game's menu screen?

what do I miss?

villagecryer 24 Oct : 16:39
Comments: 78

Registered: 12 Jun : 15:39
My Guns dissapeared from screen. only crosshairs remain.
very irritating!!!

angel1 24 Oct : 20:04
Comments: 36

Registered: 23 May : 13:50
If it means anything-I have had nothing but problems with this mod. If someone knows of a fix for it,that would be great as I'd sure like to play this through.

Outlier 08 Dec : 07:11
Comments: 1

Registered: 08 Dec : 06:21
I started a thread about this mod:

I'm stuck at what I think is the last level (Ship). If anyone has any feedback as to how to complete it, please reply as I'd really like to see how this finishes. Thanks...

lionel_101 04 Nov : 08:13
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
I tried this before a long time ago and trying it again. I still have the same problem of no weapons or hands being displayed, except for the yellow crosshairs.

Anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it?


pvcf 04 Nov : 08:52
Comments: 144

Registered: 01 Oct : 18:56
hmm try in cosole
g_HideWeapons = nil

pvcf 04 Nov : 08:54
Comments: 144

Registered: 01 Oct : 18:56
ah, also
must also be set.

Skidmark134 07 Aug : 20:54
Comments: 63

Registered: 09 Feb : 13:52
I just gave this a runthrough, there were some problems, DTD's DTMenu (restart save point which didn't work, so I loaded as map from console). Didn't have the missing hands, etc. Had the sniper rifle scope bug but not all the time. Does the patch address that?

Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD FX(tm)-4350, (4 CPUs), ~4.2GHz
8GB ram, DX 12, 2GB AMD Radeon R7 200 Series.

Apanvlad 12 Dec : 14:09
Comments: 24

Registered: 16 Jun : 01:45
Hello to all fans of FarCry. After many setbacks managed to get this mod.
I run it in the mod FarCry Blood Range v.1,3. Except for small defects plot is not interrupted.
The camera can take a round stupas and switched video perelezaniem over the net. After assignments with valves and
I went to the hanging rope again the video and I'm on deck.


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