Singleplayer levels [ Custom singleplayer levels for Far Cry. ]
Author Gary
Author email gary©
Description Small singleplayer map.

The first part of a series (perhaps).
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Date Monday 25 May 2009 - 12:07:49
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VET 14 Jun : 00:10
Comments: 260

This is a much smaller level than usual, from prolific mapper Gary Fowler.
There was to be another episode but unfortunately this never happened.

I rate this map highly for fun and enjoyment. It has puzzles, and challenges your investigation skills.

It's quite possible to really get "lost" and wander around with no objectives in the TAB and no enemies to find. Check the .lua if you are totally lost, and try to hit all the triggers in the correct order, as they all work correctly in order.
Onscreen instructions remain onscreen for longer than earlier maps so they are nor overlooked.
Graphics are excellent, especially the large machinery area with the fog.


Suggestion from Gary:
"I think I`ve got to give people a clue-When you`re asked to investigate,there`s a more important item than armour and a gun to find."

When you are in the temple with the Trigens, you need to find an item. Look everywhere - "investigate" everything and everybody. What you are looking for is generally right in front of you." The RADAR is working and will lead you to the spot, even if you get to the exit point and need to return to pick up the "item" to be able to actually exit. The location of this item is possibly variable!

eviltimes 03 Dec : 13:41
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
Gary always said that "Ice" was part 2 of this map.

"I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." - Ripley in ALIENS

RhysAZ 03 Dec : 20:29
Comments: 30

Registered: 05 Aug : 19:48
Gary made some really great maps.

Billybob 05 Jan : 15:28
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
Gary Fowler really turns out some fun maps , this was really easy to follow and short but finding that key card sent me back tracking my steps looking all over for which i did eventually find it , Ive noticed that Gary takes pride in his maps , alot of attention to detail, anyone who has never played this one needs to give it a shot and don't overlook the great review Angel1 did on this .

ANTT 12 May : 03:58
Comments: 7

Registered: 17 Oct : 10:31
Look's like a BLOODRANGE MOD map.

deejay666 12 Jun : 05:08
Comments: 4

Registered: 20 Apr : 06:13
A BRILLIANT piece of work in a very small download! Challenging and interesting, you have to work hard. Watch your back - and to both sides and in front, while you're about it!

I began by NOT finding the BACK door to the complex so I had to get in through the FRONT door (it can be done - with no small problems...).

Gary has done it again - I shall definitely re-play this one and I give it a 9 out of 10 marking.



marekzi 12 Jun : 14:03
Comments: 65

Registered: 23 Jul : 18:52
Gary promised the next two parts, but I guess they did not.
But I remember that I played in the big sp-map, which began identical as the map "Lost" was ended - in the same plase, only that the road was open "forward".
It was a big map, at the end of it there were high stairs to the base with helicopters.
It was not Explore.
Does anyone remember that?

eviltimes 12 Jun : 16:04
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
Yes. It's called "Ice".

"I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." - Ripley in ALIENS

marekzi 12 Jun : 17:19
Comments: 65

Registered: 23 Jul : 18:52
Thank you, eviltimes
This is the end of the map Lost:

This is the beginning of the map Ice:

It are not identical but very, very similar.
The map Ice is about 23 days younger than the map Lost , the author is the same - Gary Fowler.
So it is the next part promised by Gary.

eviltimes 13 Jun : 17:51
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
That's it. Played it after that post. I always liked it better than Lost.

"I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." - Ripley in ALIENS

marekzi 13 Jun : 18:26
Comments: 65

Registered: 23 Jul : 18:52
Both maps are great.
heh, the Russians have done addon "Far Cry - Antiterror".
It is based on the map "Lost".

VET 06 Mar : 20:38
Comments: 260

More comments here in Featured Downloads.

FC_Pro 30 Sep : 04:35
Comments: 18

Registered: 21 Apr : 12:22
My love map !!


angel1 05 Oct : 13:51
Comments: 36

Registered: 23 May : 13:50
Revisited this map again today after a long hiatus. Good ole Gary meat and potatoes FarCry. Always a joy to play his maps! Happy Gaming!!!

VET 05 Oct : 21:01
Comments: 260

Never get tired of the old games.

lionel_101 27 Dec : 19:08
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
Angel1 said in his review that it should take around 30 minutes to finish the short map. I would have to say....


I would say for most players (not using devmode / god mode / or any other mods) on the normal setting, that it would take a couple of hours or more the first time and maybe a little less time after that when you know where everything is at.

I really liked this map, but wish it had more well placed save spots available.

jonagored 06 Feb : 15:14
Comments: 45

Registered: 06 Jan : 10:47
Played this years ago and couldn't finish it. Thanks to Vet's review i found the green card and can now finish the mission.
The red card had no important function, it only opens the gate so you can go backwards again. Good map, glad it works for me now.



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