Singleplayer levels [ Custom singleplayer levels for Far Cry. ]
Author Hilaire9
Description A Single-Player Mission taking place on a pretty, but evil, island.

To win the game you must meet Val at the escape chopper and get
the hell outta there! Only a few Objectives, but many ways to die.

Tip: Use the scope on the AG36 to pick off enemies at long range.
Tough guys can finish the map in about 45 minutes; it might
take you longer.
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Date Monday 25 May 2009 - 12:10:31
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 7.1 - 10 votes 
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Billybob 16 Jan : 09:21
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
This was pretty good mission, short and to the point everything worked good in it the ending was quite tough , loved the cut scenes

modsuki 07 Feb : 12:24
Comments: 130

Registered: 14 Feb : 03:36
wrote ...
Use the scope on the AG36 to pick off enemies at long range.

I played this map. But all enemies don't drop weapon in this map...

Hey, someone check this? You can get weapons/ammos from enemies?

eviltimes 07 Feb : 17:17
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
Yeah, enemies do not drop weapons, etc on this map. From the beginning, there is a spot where you can sneak away from the shore and pick up an AG-36 and stuff next to the wall, which helps - but you've got to do it before making any noise. It's fun with R. Lee Ermy, tho!

"I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." - Ripley in ALIENS

lionel_101 16 May : 01:13
Comments: 171

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
I really like this short but really tough map. Took me hours the first couple of times and I don't get tired of playing it. Trying it out now with Project X 4.4 and it is even better. The AG36 scope helps a little, but most of the time the mercs are to far away to see them well, with out a sniper getting you.

jonagored 08 Feb : 04:46
Comments: 54

Registered: 06 Jan : 10:47
Map has good, but hard gameplay , vegetation/environment is a bit dissapointing for me. At the end i always like the freedom of farcry: Adventures in beautiful islands and making long journeys trough the woods and mountains and looking at the waterfalls.
But for the change other style of maps are always welcome.
Thank you.



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