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Springcreature 2on2 Map Pack
Author SC clan
Description The Springcreature Clan is proud to present their "[SC] 2v2 Mappack"! You can expect some very original designed maps and existing top class maps which are converted to 2v2. You'll find a desert city, a foggy graveyard, a trailerpark, an indoor map, a south-asian village, russian cities and many more surroundings where you can show your Far Cry skills. Overall the pack includes up to 14 maps from very varying locations. The size is about 185MB but everyone who loves the 2v2 Assault mode should download this awesome mappack, you won't regret it!

Map list:
mp_2v2_aztec - [SC]BelovedMonster (tweaked version of the previously released mp_2v2_aztec)
mp_2v2_dive - [SC]BelovedMonster
mp_2v2_fatality - [SC]BelovedMonster
mp_2v2_graveyard_v1 - [SC]BelovedMonster
mp_2v2_graveyard_v2 - [SC]BelovedMonster
mp_2v2_hangar - [SC]BelovedMonster
mp_2v2_harbor - [SC]BelovedMonster (previously released)
mp_2v2_lenin_v1 - [SC]BelovedMonster
mp_2v2_lenin_v2 - [SC]BelovedMonster
mp_2v2_peace - [SC]BelovedMonster
mp_2v2_predator - [SC]BushDoktor
mp_2v2_prey_veng - [SC]BushDoktor
mp_2v2_trailer_trash - [SC]BushDoktor
mp_2v2_urbanite - [SC]BushDoktor
Filesize 185.53 MB
Date Tuesday 16 June 2009 - 09:16:50
Downloads 290
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