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Author Ret1cent
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Description Railway – is a big singleplayer map.

Smugglers have grasped the island with the railway. Illicit cargoes and 10 artefacts are stored on this island. You must collected all 10 artefacts.

In new version: 3 artefacts and some objects were added, mistakes of the first version were corrected.
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Date Monday 25 May 2009 - 12:32:28
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VET 15 Jun : 03:40
Comments: 260

Author ret1cent


Basically a treasure hunt across a huge island. The attention to detail is great. The working railway is a unique feature of this map, The underwater cave is also very well done.
One of the most popular maps from a popular mapper, everything about this map just "feels" right.

Requires patch v1.33 or you won't see the railway.
Massive level, hours of play. Also worth a replay. The artifacts are easy to locate but difficult to obtain.
A lot of fun both combat and exploration. AI is easy, all except for the sniper in the stone tower at the start. He was hard to hit, and he needed to be dealt with very early on. The puzzle to get the idol was interesting, found two ways to do it, with crane or just with forklift.
Nice to see Val at the end , but she could have been a bit more appreciative.
No graphical glitches, frame rate is fine at high settings. Plenty of objectives, savepoints, HUD and radar worked. Excellent cut scene with shark. Stone monkeys in temple coming to life was great. Massive burning plane was very big and very much on fire. Artifacts well done, especially the sphere. Only complaint, it was a long time to the first save point, about two hours for me before I got it right. The trainride was very special, and with a Vulcan to play with as well.

Nice foggy atmosphere at temple. Electric cables, rainwater ducts , all sorts of realistic touches, Dual road/railtracks layout made it easy to get about. Nice tunnels and caves. Spooky invisible critter in cave was interesting.
Not enough autosave points.
Train ride was too short.
The map on the title screen gives it all away.
Getting the frog...look for another shaft.
Getting the explosives...find the underwater cave first, then the explosives appear as the next objective.
Comprehensive hint list from Wombat59:

Best idea is to pick the artifacts as listed in the objectives:

1)Globe – in the camp in one of the houses next to the rail track

2)Butterfly – near the camp is a cave (shooting range/mountain side) leading to an temple

3)Skull – nearby the helicopter landing place (at the camp) is a vent tunnel – climbing down leads to an underwater room.

4)Sphere – is in the building near to power plant (lake/waterfall/dam) – you have to go up to the dam first to switch off power. This unlocks the entrance door.

5)Flag – is on the carrier ship wreck

6)Plate – is in an rail track container next to the tall tower with the sniper on top.

7) Rock – follow the road until the next roadside buildings

Idol – follow the road until you see the large container hall – delete all mercs, push all boxes out of the container hanging over the train. Then go to the end of the hall and climb up the ladder to the crane's operator room – flip the switch to drive the crane to your side of the hall and next to the idol, then shoot two of the container's chains. The container will come down on one end building a bridge to the idol.

9)Tablet – follow the street until the next building, delete mercs, pick the tablet

10) Frog – that's the tricky one! While you are at the tablet's building there is a bunker tunnel a bit further towards the container hall (mountain side). Right hand side uphill of the bunker entrance is a broken ceiling hole making way down to a hallway. Climb down and follow the way – there is the frog in the room.

That's all items!

Now go to the shore and dive into the underwater tunnel (not far off the shipwreck) once you are there you will need some C4 (next objective) which then you will find at the burning aircraft wreck. Once you are back the tunnel leads to the other end of the island where the girl waits for you to leave the island.
This comment from TipTulip summarizes how popular this map is:

Simply fantabulous! By far the prettiest map I've ever seen (including the original maps, plus fifty or so user maps). The map is logically laid out, even with power going between the areas. The railroad is great fun, and the road system is perfect. Gravel pit, waterfalls, broken bridges, a wrecked ship, and lots more. Finally, a user map with enough health packs, ammo, armor and vehicles to make you able to continue playing instead of constantly reloading!! I didn't feel that I had to memorize the map in order to succeed. Only improvement would be making the explosive location more obvious. 10 stars, stunning!!!!!!!

Radiohead 31 Aug : 07:44
Comments: 4

Registered: 10 Jul : 14:04
Very good map, I play this 2 years ago.

Billybob 15 Jan : 18:02
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
After about 6 hrs of playing this one i completed it, and this one was alot of fun, really like the treasure hunt, very good job Ret1cent.

VET 06 Mar : 20:01
Comments: 260

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redninja 16 Jul : 11:01
Comments: 46

Registered: 08 Dec : 15:34
I played it with 1.33 patch, i dont know if thats the problem, play it on medium,but only 1 or 2 shots and im dead, also they seem to fire miles away at me,and they always hit me,i gave up in the end,id walk threw bushes and from no where gun shots from a merc whos 3 hills away,and me is dead lol so i gave up.Playing it with a pci-e gtx, that might be the prob also, i dont really know.

eviltimes 16 Jul : 11:10
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
Don't know what your problem is, RedNinja. Bummer. This is a great map that I play a couple times a year, never had problems with AI shooters who were "too good". I play 1.33, Realistic and Paradise mode. Also usually God Mode (in case I make a mistake).
One piece of advice - I don't go up the middle because there is a sniper in the tallest tower and he is good. I go to the left as fast as possible, get that guard's gun and then run away from the patrol boat and go left into the hills. You can take out that first warehouse and work your way around that road and eventually go back to the beginning heavily armed.

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redninja 16 Jul : 16:26
Comments: 46

Registered: 08 Dec : 15:34
I installed diffrent graph card drivers, all is normal now in game,thats what the problem was, the drivers were making the game ridiculous, meaning they were hiting me spot on with every shot from bloody miles away, it was a total joke, i couldnt even see them and they are firing like the terminators.Didnt matter where you went,ya body dropped dead within seconds

VET 16 Jul : 18:20
Comments: 260

What eviltimes said, yes that sniper in the tower is a real problem.
I'm glad you got it workinged Ninja, this is one of the all-time greats of FarCry sp_maps. Other maps by Ret1cnet are also good, eg Platform.

eviltimes 16 Jul : 18:25
Comments: 204

Registered: 27 May : 10:29
Glad to hear it worked out, Redninja.

Hi, VET !

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pvcf 16 Jul : 19:43
Comments: 144

Registered: 01 Oct : 18:56
from technically view the graphicards driver have nothing (^^) to do with the AI sight radius and aiming precission

redninja 17 Jul : 07:44
Comments: 46

Registered: 08 Dec : 15:34
Graph card drivers do change the game big time including ai merc and there firing rate and range, loads of sites on far cry with best drivers to use,as drivers do cause probs in game, if you use say a low end graph card say nvidia, and you put latest graph card divers in it,thats say for 5 versions above graph card,the lower one goes nuts,and games go mental,1000s of sites to explain this.

pvcf 17 Jul : 08:35
Comments: 144

Registered: 01 Oct : 18:56
hmm, have played farcry since 2004 on 6 or 7 different graficards (6 ati, 1 nvidia), on w98, wxp, w7, and i does not noticed any difference in AI behaviour (beside this that different framerates cause different player aimingskills).

redninja 17 Jul : 14:09
Comments: 46

Registered: 08 Dec : 15:34
i have a pci-e gtx280 thats runs its core at 700mhz ,now if you download latest drivers,they are really for the latest gtx range that run dx 10 and 11, they say its also for gtx 280 but they are not,as the drivers are for the core chips for the other latest gtx cards,and it makes the gtx 280 go way over board on every game not just far cry, guru 3d site has loads of forums on it,and it does change every aspect in the far cry game,i installed older drivers that was for the gtx 280 only,before any other gtx came out,and the game runs perfectly normal now,and smoother and mercs are normal,Theres 100s of forums on it at guru 3d and the solve issues to,new drivers on older cards do effect the data in far cry big time,everything is faster and the skill level goes threw the roof

Kiper 17 Jul : 15:40
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Registered: 06 Jun : 17:10
I want to download this but um where did you get the train how did you make it

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eviltimes 17 Jul : 19:11
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Registered: 27 May : 10:29
ret!cent is somewhere in Russia, that's his email up top. Why don't you ask him?

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VET 17 Jul : 19:17
Comments: 260

All the objects on the train are linked. ie sandbags, mini gun. Then the whole thing is moved in track view.
I tied horizontal elevators for a train and it works but if the train goes above walking pace everything slides around and falls off. Kiper you need to use track view for the elegant solution.
Track view opens up a whole lot of things to do. eg the rocket that hits the plane in the intro cutscene to Railway was probably also done with track view. It is just like making a cutscene but without cameras.

El 18 Jul : 03:09
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Registered: 18 Feb : 07:17
@Vet I have seen that train where everything falls off it is hilarious. You should stick it on the back of one of your islands for an Easter Egg.

villagecryer 18 Jul : 11:41
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Registered: 12 Jun : 15:39

lionel_101 08 May : 02:09
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Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
Nice map. Even with the little map showing where they are suppose to be, and the readme file, I could only find half of them. I think I killed every merc on the map and then spend hours roaming around the entire map looking for the items to no avail.

I would have liked way points for each item, as I just got bored and just quit playing it. I might come back to it some day.


I came back and spent another few hours playing it and reading the read me file and Vet descriptions again. i was able to find everything and finish the game. It was a very good map, except for all the running back and forth.
[ edited 12 May : 00:32 ]

Skidmark134 09 May : 19:32
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Registered: 09 Feb : 13:52
For the sniper in the tower at the beginning i use one of my favorite techniques: Grenade.
Get the patrol boat, you need to binoch the sniper then motor in at high speed to the wrecked boat. Swim under it, make your way to the tower, climb 3/4 way up. Toss rock to establish your trajectory. You know where he is cause he's on your radar. Toss your grenade.

Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD FX(tm)-4350, (4 CPUs), ~4.2GHz
8GB ram, DX 12, 2GB AMD Radeon R7 200 Series.

jonagored 11 Jan : 16:25
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Registered: 06 Jan : 10:47
Played this map years ago and i can still remember it! Had problem finding the skull. The map was so good that i wanted to find it.
Eventualy found it. This and other quality maps have a place in my Farcry-installation.



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