Singleplayer levels [ Custom singleplayer levels for Far Cry. ]
Missile Attack
Author Lance
Description Great singleplayer level for Far Cry.
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Date Monday 25 May 2009 - 12:35:20
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 7.6 - 10 votes 
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Billybob 12 Jan : 17:53
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
I started out liking this one until i realized the last half was just a remake of the first half.

VET 06 Mar : 19:23
Comments: 260

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Purifier 07 Feb : 01:50
Comments: 47

Registered: 24 Nov : 00:49
This wasn't too bad. As long as you follow the instructions and radar points you won't get lost. Not bad with the new voices, but I'd swear to God the guy doing Jacks voice also did voice work for the cartoon character Garfield (Lorenzo Music ) years ago, from 1988 to 94 in Garfield and Friends. Sounds just like him.

Overall a fun map to play for me.

VET 09 Oct : 20:45
Comments: 260

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"Feldheld @ 10 May : 08:22
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Very good map, real story, lots of pretty good voice acting. Not sure about the end: after Ive blewn up the 2nd launch computer and entered the jeep like Im told it loads the part of the original campaign where you have to kill Krieger. Kinda fits though. It also felt harder than I recall it from playing on realistic.


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