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Matto 2
Author Matto
Author website
Description A new singleplayermap with a bit of Matrix style,and it continous the story of sp_matto(released a few month ago, german version only).
Filesize 37.56 MB
Date Wednesday 27 May 2009 - 06:25:18
Downloads 657
 9.1 - 18 votes 
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Billybob 01 Feb : 14:08
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
Well i must say, this is a very good s/p map.
Beautiful scenery, great graphics and a tough as hell ending.
Hope the rest of the Matto,s are this good.

Tnlgg 01 Feb : 14:12
Comments: 154

Matto 3 & Matto 4 ere excellent!

redninja 07 Feb : 09:55
Comments: 46

Registered: 08 Dec : 15:34
Yes its brill & as billy bob said the last end put with hut,is a very tough place to be found in lol,Like a idiot i put it on hardest skill level lol lol,but still done it,no cheats used.

Purifier 19 Mar : 15:38
Comments: 47

Registered: 24 Nov : 00:49
Very nicely done. This mod is inspiring and had a lot of modding influence on me. I think it was the second or third mod I downloaded and played a few years ago from Matto's website.

If this mod didn't win a "mod of the year" award somewhere I'd be suprised. Because there is a unique creative touch about this mod that I noticed everytime time I've ever played it.

Great job, Matto!

Blue.Tiger 15 Mar : 03:27
Comments: 1

Registered: 10 Mar : 16:51
Is there anyone who still has matto 1?

VET 16 Mar : 05:21
Comments: 263

It is still in download section here:

lionel_101 21 Mar : 17:08
Comments: 167

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
Remembered I played this mod a long time ago. I just played it again and as before, it was a pleasure to play it. The environment, terrain , mercs and everything else was spot on.

He mentioned, you could get the .cry for it, but it has been so long ago, his site isn't around or the link to it is bad.


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