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Matto 2
Author Matto
Author website
Description A new singleplayermap with a bit of Matrix style,and it continous the story of sp_matto(released a few month ago, german version only).
Filesize 37.56 MB
Date Wednesday 27 May 2009 - 06:25:18
Downloads 641
 9.1 - 17 votes 
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Billybob 01 Feb : 14:08
Comments: 108

Registered: 17 Dec : 09:27
Well i must say, this is a very good s/p map.
Beautiful scenery, great graphics and a tough as hell ending.
Hope the rest of the Matto,s are this good.

Tnlgg 01 Feb : 14:12
Comments: 154

Matto 3 & Matto 4 ere excellent!

redninja 07 Feb : 09:55
Comments: 46

Registered: 08 Dec : 15:34
Yes its brill & as billy bob said the last end put with hut,is a very tough place to be found in lol,Like a idiot i put it on hardest skill level lol lol,but still done it,no cheats used.

Purifier 19 Mar : 15:38
Comments: 47

Registered: 24 Nov : 00:49
Very nicely done. This mod is inspiring and had a lot of modding influence on me. I think it was the second or third mod I downloaded and played a few years ago from Matto's website.

If this mod didn't win a "mod of the year" award somewhere I'd be suprised. Because there is a unique creative touch about this mod that I noticed everytime time I've ever played it.

Great job, Matto!


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