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Author Skript
Description A mod with 7 single player levels by Skript.
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Date Wednesday 27 May 2009 - 06:27:37
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VET 14 Jun : 07:02
Comments: 263

Far Cry goodness from Mexico. Author SkrIpT has created one of the BEST sp campaigns ever ! Right up with the commercial quality of the original campaign IMO.
Earlier versions had a "deathzone" at the end of level 6 but this was fixed in the v1.2 Mod Pack version. Make sure you are playing with the "fixed" levels.
For some people the levels didn't load automatically, it had to be done via the console.
SkrIpT recommends the 1.3 patch, but v1.33 should work.


The seven maps are connected by cutscenes that advance the story.
First of all you have to escape from a mercenary prison. You have to face mutants and mercs. Locations include desert regions, indoor areas, jungle and a massive spaceship.

*escape of a small mercenary prison and meet up back with Doyle so you can escape together..

*Your plane has been hit by an enemy rocket, Doyle died in the crash, now it's up to you find out what's going on..

*You just get in a "abandoned" enemy facility make your way out of there..

*Things keep getting worse, and you just wanna get out of this mess, get across this highly guarded bridge and see if you can find a way out..

*Ok this is getting strange, the spheres floating in the sky, and now this!! what the hell is that??

*You find yourself at this strange spaceship, now BLAST the spaceship to the HELL, even if this means the end of your life


Bug Alert:
there's a little bug that SkrIpT hasn't been able to figure out yet. In the level DOWN after the intro CutScene at the beginning of the map, the plane doesn't appear!! Ã’_o
The bug can be solved if you aim at the floor, don't ask why just aim at the floor and the plane
will be visible again..

Tips from SkrIpT:

*In the RAR file I also included the .cry files, so you are free to modify any of my maps as you wish.

*I recommend to play at least with the gaphics set at "HIGH" cause if you play in medium or low you will not see the small grass and other stuff in the maps, and far cry without grass and other stuff SUCKS!!

*recommended to play with the v1.3 patch

Changelog for latest version:

*no more "replace me" textures.
*a fade in zone area box added in the matchstick elevator
*fixed trigger in the big ladder of matchstick, AI won't be able to activate this trigger anymore
*deeper river water in the Escape map, and also I added a "clue" to know the road to follow
*loadscreens now have the name of the map
*Matchstick now has savepoints!
*I added an additional savepoint at the beginning of some maps.

Message from SkrIpT:

Well thankyou so much for trying this little map packs....
that was a lot of hours behind the monitor..
and a lot of hard work, trying to understand WTF was trying to tell me the manual just to learn how to use the Crytek editor..

As you can see I'm not from USA, CANADA, OR the UK.. so my English is basic
MaybeP'm the only guy in Mexico that uses the editor xD

Well thankyou again,
hope you like it!!
Good Gaming!!

A common problem was how to complete the timed run over the top of the spaceship, which ends in a leap into space and landing in a pool for the end of the level. Solution is to use the radar to aim for the correct spot for the leap; and not to waste time killing mercs...just sprint to the edge.

Playing with the fixed levels version, I found this MOD to be problem free. Highly recommended!

Tnlgg 14 Jun : 07:08
Comments: 154

This version incledes the fixed levels patch in it.

Everything works just fine.

doom generation 14 Jun : 13:40
Comments: 13

Registered: 04 Jun : 07:11
But it's better to play the last version (CATALYST AFTERMATH), that includes 16 levels. Hard and inventive mod, the best with Matto 4.

Tnlgg 30 Jan : 01:41
Comments: 154

No Spam please!

Feldheld 24 May : 03:26
Comments: 74

Registered: 03 Feb : 04:46
The AI sees and shoots you through thick foilage. No thanks.

MATHEMAGICIAN 21 Jun : 18:01
Comments: 6

Registered: 06 Jun : 18:51
,. Cause we know that some Mejicanos (Mexicans) are very good and creative folks,.. as the Russian people too,..
Very good job with this not just a simple mod,. But a completely new Game remarkable line and order of the maps,.
Just some (Maybe intentional) errors on graphic design for example at:

1.-This one happens when the actor didn't open the door and keep walking him Can't advance and stay trapped in the middle and you can see the back of the map like when you are in 3rd person,.. and many multiplayer gamers use this to see trough edges of some walls,.. this is a player advantage based on graphic errors, ...note. ---not related just to this mod,.. but so many other games) FROM SubLevel2 TO Bridge
This happens only when you don't use the option F to open the door,. so no big problem here,.

2.-This one is trouble,. At the air duct entrance to the big space ship,..,.. (actor jack can't go in not matter the position him take),.. am not sure if this is intentional,.
The very similar thing happens at one of the air ducts on SubLevel looks some edges are there to cause frustration on the gamer¿?
or maybe those are just small details that need better graphic shape work,..

And now let me tell you the problems I do encounter my self I don't know if somebody else note this,. but when you drop a weapon this mod crashes not matter if you use the default key to drop or if you change it to a key you like,.. this mod always crashes,. But only when you do this,..

,.but THE BIGEST PROBLEM I DO NOTICE IS with the Saves, ...if you want to stop the mod and play the rest latter a bad thing happen, ...when you open the farcry again and try to find your last save game at
Phlogistatic LEVEL for example,..on the game menu where you select the last save, can see this mod only shows the saves from the Escape LAVEL,.. YOU CAN GO CHECK YOUR save FOLDER and all saves are stored there, ...But why the menu section of save load only shows the saves from the Escape LAVEL and not the rest???,..AND THE WORST THING is you cant continue with your last save game,.and
need to restar from the last part of lavel Escape again,..

Keep in mind I'm telling you all this for the good of the future releases by our Mexican friend script,..
AND always thanks in advance for the time dedicated to FARCRY and respects to you script, ...keep up the good work...just keep in mind this issues.

if you need beta testers,.. please email to me at


Thanx again



modsuki 21 Jun : 21:04
Comments: 130

Registered: 14 Feb : 03:36
>at the air duct entrance to the big space ship

The air duct entrance?

I think you don't destroy glass cover of duct... there is a glass cover. We can see it clearly. If you don't enter the duct, it's just your problem. Because the size of duct is big.

>when you drop a weapon this mod crashes

It's your problem.

>you can see this mod only shows the saves from the Escape LAVEL

It's your problem.


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