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Spec Ops Urban Assault
Author Sniper_m4
Description A unfinished mod by Sniper_m4 with new weapons & models.

2 levels included.

Have fun!
Filesize 630.78 MB
Date Saturday 11 October 2014 - 07:03:13
Downloads 505
 9.2 - 7 votes 
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Hunter_FC 11 Oct : 08:26
Comments: 9

Registered: 02 Jun : 12:09
Great ! Again sniper_m4 pleases us

Far Cry Return                                                                                                                   


Purifier 11 Oct : 13:51
Comments: 47

Registered: 24 Nov : 00:49
Frigin' awesome! Anything Sniper makes is gonna be great, unfinished or finished, you just know it!

realia_libre 12 Oct : 02:01
Comments: 5

Registered: 02 Sep : 08:19
Thanks sniper_m4 for making available.
Does anyone else get a critical exception error in loading?

Skidmark134 12 Oct : 03:27
Comments: 63

Registered: 09 Feb : 13:52
It's really named HAARP. Listed in MODS folder as "Urban Assault"
Critical Exception on launch.
Oh well, a big DL for nothing!

Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD FX(tm)-4350, (4 CPUs), ~4.2GHz
8GB ram, DX 12, 2GB AMD Radeon R7 200 Series.

sniper_m4 12 Oct : 03:30
Comments: 40

Registered: 24 May : 05:44
Can't fix the bug Skidmark unless you post the error log. Not everyones PC is the same. I have no problems with it.

marekzi 12 Oct : 10:27
Comments: 67

Registered: 23 Jul : 18:52
For me, the mod stops loading.
Far Cry 1.10+ patch 1.33.
Is somebody does it work?

Tnlgg 12 Oct : 10:55
Comments: 154

Patch v1.4

marekzi 12 Oct : 16:16
Comments: 67

Registered: 23 Jul : 18:52
Patch 1.40 needed? - I also thought of that, but it doesn't work too - other error.
It helped to remove a folder Bin32 from the folder Mods.
Very short mod, beautiful graphics.
It reminds me which part of Half Life (HL2?) - I do not remember which one.

flybitten 12 Oct : 17:03
Comments: 40

Registered: 21 Aug : 15:43
Excellent mod best I've played for ages, short but hope more levels to come.

Purifier 12 Oct : 20:34
Comments: 47

Registered: 24 Nov : 00:49
Man I was totally impressed by this mod. I love the menu background, the music, the loadup screens, the intro video (which BTW is fringin' scary on how that all could be a real possibilty one day), and the hud display, awesome stuff man! All of the new models were spectacular, especially those military police guys, I love all those new models and texrures. Also loved the weapons too, old and new. This mod has some really great level design in it as well. A really nice atmosphere and setting. Dudes I felt like I was playing a whole new Far Cry game at times. Good job overall on this guys. I knew it was going to be good.

So since the mod is unfinished and still has a few bugs, I'll reserve any suggestions that could be improved upon until then. Because I hope it gets finished someday, because this mod is fringin' awesome!

Skidmark134 12 Oct : 23:21
Comments: 63

Registered: 09 Feb : 13:52
Thanks, Sniper.
Yes, every PC's an individual!
I'm still running XP 32 bit and FC patch 1.33.
I get the FC splash screen but that's it.
I "saved" the CE error but couldn't find where it had been saved to so here is what I have:
CODE - oxoooooo5
ADDRESS - oxoo1B:Ox6D756874
MODULE - unknown

Attempt to read from address ox6D756874
could not be "read"

function = ox6D756874
7) ox330B830E
6) ox36516211
5) ox370017E5
4) ox37001AA6
3) ox37004093
2) ox7C816037
1) oxo

I also tried removing bin32 from the mod folder but got an "unresponsive" without a CE.

Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD FX(tm)-4350, (4 CPUs), ~4.2GHz
8GB ram, DX 12, 2GB AMD Radeon R7 200 Series.

mummabear56 13 Oct : 00:02
Comments: 11

Registered: 26 Aug : 23:26
Thanks very much Sniper_m4, downloading now, can't wait to play and also get my brother to play, will be so much fun watching him die

lionel_101 13 Oct : 00:51
Comments: 171

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
Note. Copied from another forum topic on Urban Assualt that I replied too.

I am using an older computer, Windows XP and version 1.4. I downloaded the big butt file and extracted it to my far cry "mod" directory.

It works fine for me, even with the bin32 folder. As stated, it has a lot new weapons and mercs and brand new objects placed through out the short map.

I really liked it and hope Tnlgg and sniper keep adding on to it.

As usual, I am glad they included the .cry file. I already modified it to my tastes. That being day time lighting, adding ammo and health packs and changed the respawn1 to respawn0 so it created a save point at the start.

I did not like the new binocs or night time googles and I will be trying to get the old ones that I am use too back into the game.

Thanks for the preview Tnlgg. I can't really rate it yet, as it is to me a short unfinished preview.

[ edited 13 Oct : 00:55 ]

pasquieraa 13 Oct : 04:05
Comments: 7

Registered: 19 Dec : 09:05
(google translation, desolated I do not speak English) Hello
Awesome mod! but small bug: when you get killed, the reboot at first they are no longer enemies so more ammunition. no binoculars or armor. It would be nice that there have checkpoint or save game. hi

(traduction google; desolé je ne parle pas anglais) Bonjour
Mod génial! sauf petit bug: lorsque l'on se fait tuer, au redemarrage au début ils n'y a plus d'ennemis donc plus de munitions. pas de jumelles ni armure . Ce serait bien qu'il y ai des point de controle ou save game. Salut

sniper_m4 13 Oct : 10:00
Comments: 40

Registered: 24 May : 05:44
These bugs need to be fixed however that is not my expertise. That is pvcfs skill. If you have trouble then delete the Bin32 folder. If that don't work then I don't know.

Purifier 13 Oct : 21:09
Comments: 47

Registered: 24 Nov : 00:49
I did manage to fix a few bugs in your mod, Sniper. So if anybody wants those bug fixes they can go on over to this thread and click on a link to download them.

Skidmark134 15 Oct : 20:39
Comments: 63

Registered: 09 Feb : 13:52
I got it working by installing it to a stand-alone Russian FC v1.32 (FC_Commando) on Drive C: and deleting Bin32.
My original FC 1.33 is on F: and so loaded up with crap it's a wonder anything works really!
Thanks Sniper_M4 for more great FC play!

Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD FX(tm)-4350, (4 CPUs), ~4.2GHz
8GB ram, DX 12, 2GB AMD Radeon R7 200 Series.

VET 20 Oct : 20:39
Comments: 263

Featured Review here:

ebsiman 21 Oct : 21:32
Comments: 5

Registered: 18 Nov : 15:05
Really good.... thanks Sniper.

I'm assuming when you get to the warehouse on the second level that's the end.... doesn't seem to be anywhere else to go (or did I miss something?). Looking forward to any updates

frankie884 03 Aug : 23:06
Comments: 1

Registered: 02 Feb : 10:04
No bugs with my dual core w7 64bits. I love this one , hope you will finish it sniper_m4. Thanks!!! Bon't know how to rate it but give you 9/10
[ edited 03 Aug : 23:08 ]


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