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FarCry LR Addon
Author Krieger
Description Multiplayer addon similar to eXcaliTrone v1/v2, but XT does not anymore really work as a Addon for 1.33 or even for 1.40, so I re make it since some months, for re-enable a kind of ingame improvements, of scoreboard, added userpanel and quickpanel, new serverlist with I-Net server not from UBI, and as more important, the mapdownloader, that will give the 2015 players this year the possibility to get Custom maps.
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Date Friday 01 May 2015 - 07:39:23
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Krieger 23 Aug : 12:18
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Registered: 03 Apr : 13:41
This version isn't up to date anymore. Please download the latest version from the official Website:

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