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Serpent Canyon
Author Serge81
Description This is the singleplayer map for Far Cry, where you are respawning in beginning of canyon, and fight your way to find the exit from the island.

I tried to make this map in atmosphere of classical Far Cry, so, there is some various locations, such as huts at the beach, camp with barracks, buildings with kitchen, WC etc.

I hope you'll enjoy it.
Filesize 11.52 MB
Date Saturday 29 August 2015 - 04:05:41
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El 29 Aug : 07:17
Comments: 52

Registered: 18 Feb : 07:17
Downloading now. Be nice to see an original map with atmosphere of the Campaign. That never gets old.

Noticed above, 1 download, 1 vote rated 10/10, lol.

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Skidmark134 29 Aug : 20:55
Comments: 63

Registered: 09 Feb : 13:52
Flawless gameplay, well made. DTD when I walked into the V-22 at the end.

Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD FX(tm)-4350, (4 CPUs), ~4.2GHz
8GB ram, DX 12, 2GB AMD Radeon R7 200 Series.

angel1 30 Aug : 10:53
Comments: 36

Registered: 23 May : 13:50
Fun to play. Classic FarCry. Thank you,Serge81. Happy Gaming!!!

modsuki 30 Aug : 16:33
Comments: 130

Registered: 14 Feb : 03:36
Nothing special;. But good map.
[ edited 30 Aug : 16:34 ]

spiffy 30 Aug : 21:53
Comments: 2

Registered: 09 Aug : 20:18
Everything works. Nice AI attacks.
You got the classic Far Cry feel down pat, felt like straight from the campaign.

lionel_101 31 Aug : 22:01
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
Played this map a few times and found you can finish it via 2 different routes. You can go down to the beach and then through building inside the mountain, or go through the camp and get the explosive to blow the main gate. Either way, you have to get the access card form the same location within the building in the mountain to open the gate to the plane.

Noticed a possible bug, where the game is saved after you enter the cage with the explosive to blow up the main gate. If you have to use this save point, the cage door is closed and lock, so you can't get out.

The mercs are smart and try to circle around you and take cover bethind the trees.

I installed the binoc mod that some one made to have a rectangle around the merc's position, which makes shooting them a lot easier and puts you on an even playing field, since they can always see you through the vegetation.

I really enjoyed playing it.

[ edited 31 Aug : 22:03 ]

VET 01 Sep : 02:38
Comments: 260

Very professionally made. Agree, the mercs work well. Gates and doors all good, buildings and interiors well put together. I enjoyed it too.

Serge81 01 Sep : 11:02
Comments: 9

Registered: 24 Sep : 23:23
May be the cage door is locked because of difference of installed patches... I used patch 1.4 cumulative
[ edited 01 Sep : 11:07 ]

lionel_101 01 Sep : 12:16
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
I tried it again, I open the cage door with the key and go inside to get the explosives and I can go in and out forever. Once I have to use the save point, the door doesn't open anymore and you can't get out. I am using the latest patch 1.4. It could just be my computer, so nothing to worry about. I was able to get to the next save point, without needing to use this one.

Might be better to put the save point before going into the cage, this way it will work all the time.

Thanks for including the .cry file. I will try to move the save point outside the cage and see how it works.


Moved the save point to right outside the cage door and it works like a champ now.

[ edited 01 Sep : 15:16 ]

Serge81 02 Sep : 04:05
Comments: 9

Registered: 24 Sep : 23:23
I've checked it out, the cage door is locked only in case you save the game in moment when the door is closing. If you wait until the door is closed, and after that save the game, everything will be ok.

lionel_101 02 Sep : 09:39
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
Thanks for the info, I didn't know that was a quirk with the metal or any of the other doors.

I guess I get all excited when I see the explosive and go right at it to pick it up and that is where the save point is.

Val is always telling Jack to SLOW down, this is a good reason why...LOL

Again very nice map, fun playing it.

jonagored 12 Feb : 16:30
Comments: 45

Registered: 06 Jan : 10:47
I am very satisfied with this map, a good one, very much like an original farcry level. When you pull over the last switch, you can look at the gate of the V22 platform through a window: thats markmanship!



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