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Far Cry Classic
Author Mixer
Description Far Cry Classic mod by Mixer.

Extract to your root Far Cry folder & start the mod by running the Fcclassic.exe
Filesize 787.46 MB
Date Thursday 17 September 2015 - 09:16:23
Downloads 217
 8.0 - 5 votes 
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marekmmm 17 Sep : 12:18
Comments: 2

Registered: 23 Sep : 15:04
Thanks Mixer! This will be interesting to play.

lionel_101 20 Sep : 22:58
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
Mixer and his crew did a very fine job in creating this Far Cry Classic mod. I can say, it is as good or even better then the original Far Cry 2004 game.

It seems like magic on how they can have their changes running in their Far Cry Classic, Far Cry (original) and in other people's maps that are in the Levels directory. Not to mention having Contest Island include as well. One other option is the ability to have all the mercs and yourself playing with just one new weapon (RailBow).

When you are at the main menu, look closely and you will see all the options available you can choose from. I suggest you try them all out.

Great job Mixer and I have to say it is worth a 10 for all the great changes made and playing options available. To bad some one gave it an initial 2, so soon after being available to download.

[ edited 20 Sep : 23:04 ]

modsuki 20 Dec : 08:22
Comments: 130

Registered: 14 Feb : 03:36
Great work, Mixer.

But... actually this is only texture, iironsight & punch mod.
Farcry Classic has other differences in game systems. But there aren't.

Mixer 14 Jan : 06:39
Comments: 5

Registered: 20 Oct : 10:46
Far Cry Classic for PC mod doesn't copy native PS2/XBOX version features because of ability to use mouse and keyboard controls on PC instead of joystick usage on consoles.

Far Cry Classic mod for PC allows to choose between 2004 campaign levels and console version 2014 campaign levels to play through. Also it has unfinished COOP mode as well as other derivative stuff based on former Contest Island: Invasion mod, which has been build into Far Cry Classic mod due to standalone-mod-crash reason.

Here is some video showing some differences between original as well as some features of Far Cry Classic mod for PC

DavexXx 26 Mar : 07:11
Comments: 1

Registered: 09 Feb : 07:23
I needed this!! Thank you!

roadkill 12 May : 14:46
Comments: 5

Registered: 03 May : 10:52
Nice !!! Downloading

roadkill 13 May : 07:48
Comments: 5

Registered: 03 May : 10:52
Hey how did you manage to get MP working, amazing, radio commands different modes and stuff, how did you make that.

TheCryTroll 15 Sep : 10:12
Comments: 3

Registered: 19 Aug : 17:37
well it is fine but when i hold some guns it's just like far cry 2004 and not classic ik it's a little change almost unnoticable but it bothers me can u fix it? tnx

TheCryTroll 15 Sep : 10:13
Comments: 3

Registered: 19 Aug : 17:37
btw i live in europe in a diffrenet country so thats why i uploaded this now

TheCryTroll 15 Sep : 10:16
Comments: 3

Registered: 19 Aug : 17:37
and maybe the gun holding is already there bcuz i already have it i downloaded it from another website

Jony93 15 Sep : 10:27
Comments: 3

Registered: 08 Sep : 01:55
Great work! Thanks bro!

Jony93 15 Sep : 11:51
Comments: 3

Registered: 08 Sep : 01:55
But i have a question now: Hot to run FC classic with devmode enabled?

Admer456 16 Sep : 08:51
Comments: 3

Registered: 11 Jun : 03:32

You create a shortcut to fcclassic.exe, and then in the shortcut's properties add -DEVMODE to the Target line.
[ edited 16 Sep : 08:53 ]

Mercs with rubber duck hats...


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