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Jungle Ring mod
Author Dmitry Ghervas
Filesize 38.67 MB
Date Friday 30 September 2016 - 05:02:20
Downloads 50
 3.3 - 3 votes 
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lionel_101 30 Sep : 13:08
Comments: 160

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
Not much to do on this small map. No killing mercs, just shooting at some targets and wandering around looking at what the mapper put on the map. The load screen was plain horrible, nothing like the pic shown above.

[ edited 09 Oct : 19:03 ]

tony66672 07 Feb : 13:06
Comments: 2

Registered: 23 Jul : 05:04

VET 07 Feb : 20:53
Comments: 261

Video Walkthrough, 26 minutes.

spider22 21 Apr : 08:12
Comments: 11

Registered: 01 Jun : 11:51
I don't like commenting on other people's mods/maps but this map is different. It is the map of a Romanian and I think I'm allowed to do so now.
I hope that the whole community, will understand when I say this. I don't want to upset anyone but this is not a map. This is a waste of time.
Far Cry doesn't deserve this.

-The mapper's English is bad.
-The mapper's Romanian is bad.
-The graphics of the map are bad.
-The story is bad.
-There are no subtitles for those that don't understand Romanian.
-There is no action on the map.
-Nothing new in this map, everything is taken from other maps.

For the mapper :

My friend, probably you are young and this is your first map. Congrats ! You still have a lot to learn so I advise you to play more Far Cry mods and learn from them.

VET 21 Apr : 18:22
Comments: 261

Hi spider, nice to see you commenting.
Good advice to a beginner.

flybitten 22 Apr : 09:51
Comments: 40

Registered: 21 Aug : 15:43
would have made a good training level


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