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SP Black Holiday Remake
Author Vet
Author website
Description BHR Black Holiday Remake by Vet.

Install instructions:

Copy the three levels into your FarCry Levels Folder.

Run the first level 'bhSpace' from the console by typing \map bhspace.
The next two maps load automatically.
Filesize 203.68 MB
Date Wednesday 05 October 2016 - 03:40:00
Downloads 83
 7.8 - 6 votes 
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lionel_101 21 Oct : 22:35
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
A few hints (but not spoilers) for a more complete BHR experience.

Note. Devmode and any other help stuff are really not needed to play these 3 maps. You get plenty of the things needed to keep you alive and fighting.

1. Read all HUD messages that appear on top of the screen for possible helpful information.
2. Play thru and watch carefully all of the cut-scenes at least once for helpful information.
3. Look over carefully any / all maps and big signs that you might come across.
4. In the first part of bhEarth stick to the main trail and also explore
all of the various side trails that branch off of it.
5. There is an Easter egg type location in both bhEarth and BH3, try to find them. They can only be found by using items 2 and 3 above or by just plain luck.
6. Many different ways to accomplish the ending goals of bhEarth and BH3. You might want to "explore" and kill all the mercs / aliens before doing so. Or play the 2 maps differently multiple times at your leisure.
7. Weapon selection is important, pick wisely to maybe make it a "walk in the park".

BTW, we are lucky VET was feeling really nice at the time and set most of the mercs to be lousy shots or high on drugs or booze. Otherwise, It could have been a real blood bath for Jack (you) to play and finish.

El 15 Nov : 23:36
Comments: 52

Registered: 18 Feb : 07:17
This is the one to download, *not* the MOD version, which I assume Tnlgg has stuffed up with the mod file called "BackScreen" that needs to be removed to let ESCAPE key work properly.

I will do a Featured Review when I get around to it, I'm still exploring the island. Stuff hidden everywhere I would love to see how the Krateous29 original would have turned out.

lionel_101 17 Nov : 00:35
Comments: 162

Registered: 29 Apr : 12:58
I looked over the BH-Beta map and believe he just ran out of time or the desire to finish it. Sort of like the other maps or mods still in the TBD state from years ago. As noted by some members it was quite far from being a functional / completed map due to lots of unfinished parts that he was trying to create. Still there are some nice stuff that were accomplished, like the rocket scene.

BH Remake I believe finished 99% of the unfinished parts that Krateous29 started and added so much more to make it such a fun map(s) to play. I think if Krateous29 were still around and happen to see what his BH-beta map has become, he would be very pleased as to what VET has accomplished with it.


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