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Gun Collection mod
Author Vet
Filesize 278.52 MB
Date Thursday 08 March 2018 - 07:01:24
Downloads 9
 9.0 - 1 vote 
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jonagored 17 Mar : 06:28
Comments: 54

Registered: 06 Jan : 10:47
I like this mod very much. It gave me 20 hours playing time and i really enjoyed it.
Killing enemys is of secondary importance and thats fine for me.
New videos. cutscenes, startmenu, teleport, hoovercar etc, etc.
This mod has two big levels, it is impressive and there are a lot of puzzles to solve.
I got stuck several times, but that was my own fault.
The radarpoint will help you when needed.
Everything worked fine.
Only on one occasion i think there was a minor bug: In te radioactive area of level 2 i could slip trough the halfopen gate on that wall and grab the crate. I did that again the right way with teleport. Not important. This mod is going to be replayed for sure several times the coming years.
Thank you creators for all the work you have done, i know how difficult it is. I give it a very high rating.


VET 19 Mar : 02:52
Comments: 263

Thanks for commenting jonagored, means a lot to Lionel and I.

Our next mod is well underway, I hope another 20 hours gameplay and very similar in design.



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