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Far Cry Patch v1.4 Cumulative
Author CryTek
Description Features:

Finally we can announce that the "Far Cry Patch 1.4" has been released and is available for download. After a long period of developing and testing the content has been verified and all features have been checked to see if they fit into intended gameplay and work properly. The patch installers are available in two different versions. The 1.4 Stand Alone installer which is 123MB in size and updates your Far Cry version 1.33 to 1.4. And the 1.4 Cumulative installer with 180MB in size that includes the content from all patches ever released and thus updates your Far Cry 1.0/1.1 version to 1.4. Despite the rumors, this patch will be available for Windows 32-bit version only.

The function of the leaked patch 1.4 where people could activate HDR and Anti-Aliasing at the same time on ATI graphic cards has been cut due to engine related reasons.

The patch has been created for multiplayer only, so the single player campaign is not getting affected. In addition to weapon and assault game mode balancing, several new ingame features and new parts of the user interface have been added to ease both server administration and client play. A summary list of the content can be found further below and there will be a detailed feature list included in Far Cry Patch 1.4 documentation.

As a bonus, an independent development team took the six original Assault maps and reworked them; adjusting balance and improving gameplay. These maps will not replace the original ones, but are added to the patch as new versions. We decided to take this step to give players the choice of playing the original maps but also to enjoy the new gameplay feeling.

For all server administrators who want to update their Windows Dedicated Server manually, be sure that you upload only following files from your Patch 1.4 installation:

Bin32 folder (replace all older files with the new ones)
FCData (Scripts.pak)
Levels (mp_jungle, all new mp_px_* maps) note: please delete the entire mp_jungle folder before uploading the new one

Content list of Far Cry Patch 1.4:

General changes
Added remakes of Assault maps (Project FiXit)
Closed several security holes
Joypad support has been added
Several console commands have been deactivated and are only available in DEVMODE

Multiplayer General changes
Added automatic kicking of team killers for violating default limit (integrated with Punkbuster)
Added broadcast and spawn messages on the server
Added center red dot to the scope of the sniper rifle
Added command which allows the gameplay to start at a specific flag for training
Added first person spectator view. It is considered beta and will not be officially supported
Added GUI buttons for players to easily vote
Added GUI voting panel to initiate votes for map changes and kicking players
Added ingame server administrator panel for real time GUI admin capability
Added ingame text flood kicking (integrated with Punkbuster)
Added IP and server name to scoreboard
Added Join server by IP function
Added option to disable voting
Added option to remove enemy nametags from crosshair
Added team kill punish and forgive system
Fixed "CD Key In Use" issue with automatic server kick
Fixed binocular/sniper rifle bug
Fixed bug in mp_airstrip which lead to a server crash
Fixed bug where players were missing their scoreboard (getting refreshed automatically now)
Fixed gameplay issues on mp_jungle
Fixed grenade bug
Fixed scoreboard so it now properly shows ping
Increased amount of damage inflatable boat can take
Server browser list updated for easy navigation. Many filters and a favourite server section added

Multiplayer Gameplay changes
Added MP5 and Shocker to Assault game mode
Added occlusive damage to vehicle explosions (player cannot die due to an explosion while behind a solid object any more)
Fall damage reduced
General weapons balancing
Health and armor adjusted amongst the classes to give the grunt the most, engineer medium and sniper least.
New OICW grenade launcher interface
New RL fire mode
Server and client optimizations for smoother gameplay
Stamina increased 50%
Sticky bombs replaced with "Beta" C4
Wrench now has melee capability

Features Manual for Far Cry Patch 1.4 (A detailed description about the newly added features)
Server Command Table (Lists all the new commands available for Far Cry multiplayer with explanations)
Project Fixit (A detailed explanation of changes from the stock assault maps)
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Date Sunday 31 May 2009 - 04:53:27
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Szczekus 30 Nov : 07:09
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Registered: 05 Oct : 03:56
The patch is really good...for repairing the shaders and then switching back to 1.33


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