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We are sorry for "File not found" message in the Downloads section.

Files seam to be gone/removed,but we are working on it & hope to get them all back soon.

Please help us to collect all the files back by sending a pm with list of maps/mods/etc you have on your HDD to Admin or Moderators or posting in the forum: Files Needed!

Also CryMods may move to another server,but this is not 100% decided yet. Team

Posted by Tnlgg on Sunday 24 July 2011 - 07:02:51 | Comments: 6  |  printer friendly create pdf of this news item
FC 2010 Demo v0.15.42c Public Release!

Today Didjay released a public demo of his project FC 2010!

After three months of hard work to model the new vegetation, the playable demo of Far Cry 2010 version 0.15.42 is now available for download!

This contains the first three levels of mod solo "re-mastered" with a brand new vegetation inspired by Crysis.
But also new rocks and cliffs new textures and some more detailed origin.

The bulk of the modeling work being completed, work on the following levels should normally take less time before the next set of line mod Far Cry 2010, which should contain the following three levels!

So go ahead and rush to the Downloads section! (In case of problems graphically, be sure to check the ReadMe.txt file included in the mod).


Have lots of fun!

Download: FC 2010 Demo v0.15.42c UPDATED!

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Fear Cry v2.0 released!

Today Tuleby has released new version of his mod Fear Cry.

-Fixed a large number of visible and invisible bugs and also created a second level.
-Before placing v2.0, delete the old FearCry in Mods folder.
-Cutscenes are tuned to the spoken Czech language, other languages may diverge.

-Known bug: sometimes buggy has no strength to go after loading SAVEPOINT.

-Enjoy yourself. (Hopefully not too much bugs)

Download: Fear Cry v2.0

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Illusion of war

This Russian Far Cry mod was created by TJC & features 7 singleplayer levels.

Have fun playing it!

Download: Illusion of war

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FearCry Demo Released!

Another mod has been released as a demo by Tuleby & is named FearCry.

Demo includes:

-complete 1st level
-approximately around 100 mercenaries
-5 checkpoints
-+ / - 40 minutes of playing time

Have fun.

Download: FearCry Demo

Posted by Tnlgg on Monday 31 May 2010 - 04:07:23 | Comments: 51  |  printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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