FC 2010 Demo v0.15.42c Public Release!

Today Didjay released a public demo of his project FC 2010!

After three months of hard work to model the new vegetation, the playable demo of Far Cry 2010 version 0.15.42 is now available for download!

This contains the first three levels of mod solo "re-mastered" with a brand new vegetation inspired by Crysis.
But also new rocks and cliffs new textures and some more detailed origin.

The bulk of the modeling work being completed, work on the following levels should normally take less time before the next set of line mod Far Cry 2010, which should contain the following three levels!

So go ahead and rush to the Downloads section! (In case of problems graphically, be sure to check the ReadMe.txt file included in the mod).


Have lots of fun!

Download: FC 2010 Demo v0.15.42c UPDATED!

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