Adventures of a volleyball mod Demo release!
We are pleased to announce the release of Adventures of a volleyball mod Demo!

This is a mod where main hero is a volleyball.
Player must navigate it through a lot of puzzles and obstacles to find keys and exit.

- 10 worlds and 5 levels in each world.
- If you will find 5 fruits in world you will find a secret level.
- In game's shop you can buy color filters, extra saves, hints and other

Demo version (include 1 and 3 worlds) is almost ready, but I need a little help. My English is horrible, so I need someone who can correct all my mistakes in text. I attach it to this post.


Copy folder Bin32 from original FarCry to folder Adventures of a volleyball and run Bin32\FarCry.exe

Do not launch Adventures... as a mod! It may cause errors with some scripts.


Have lots of fun!


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